Paul Groebel

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*born in Heidelberg, Germany

Paul works and collaborates as an film-editor and musician.

“Paul didn't leave school early enough. A decision that he should regret all his life. According to his own story, he "got engaged" very early and became pregnant as a minor, which was punishable in Denmark at the time. He could have moved to Germany to an aunt in Hamburg to give birth and raise his child there. However, Paul opted for an abortion that was also illegal and therefore had to be done secretly. At the same time, his parents had great difficulties as a couple. In this context, his mother had attempted suicide. From that point on, Paul broke off contact with his child and parents forever. He took acting classes and became very well known with his interpretation of Anna in Brecht’s "Drums in the night (doing business)" in Denmark. As a teenager, he went on a bike tour to Paris and financed his trip with telegraphed travel reports to a Danish daily newspaper. However, his reports were fictitious to keep readers interested. Another bike tour, this time to the Soviet Union, is already being planned. Paul wants to find out what happened to the country after the October Revolution.”